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A Step forward in Wellbeing in the field of Adult Education – Wellness2 is an Erasmus+ project focused on ensuring a well-being learning environment in adult education. The wellbeing of learners, teachers and training managers is the basis for effective teaching and learning.

About Wellness2

Project A Step forward in Wellbeing in the field of Adult Education– Wellness 2 is developed within Erasmus + Programme, Key Action 2: Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices and is a 2-year project starting from September 2019 and ending in August 2021. The following outputs will be developed:

State of the art analysis of the wellbeing in adult education including good practice examples from the partner countries and focus groups reports from adult learners; trainers and staff.

Teaching methodology tailored to the wellbeing needs of adult trainees and trainers; Set of tools for the development of the necessary technical and soft skills for trainers for facilitating wellbeing-oriented adult learning environments.

Protocol covering all key aspects of the learning environment for its validation as a “wellbeing learning environment”.

Wellness2 Training

The Wellness2 training tools are aimed at adult trainers, adult learners and managerial or administrative staff involved in adult education. The modules are based on the Map of Wellbeing in Adult Education and will help you create and enjoy a well-being learning environment.




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Test your knowledge

Before you go through the training modules, share your expectations and test your knowledge

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Pre Training Self-test

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Post Training Self-Test