WELLNESS Environment



The aim of the module is to broaden the participants’ knowledge and widening skills of the wellbeing environment in the context of management, organizational culture and good practices as well as individual aspects

Learning outcome

  • Familiarize participants with the basic elements of organizational culture and its relations with the organizational strategy
  • Learning about the example of organizational culture
  • Presenting wellbeing as an element related to culture and strategy
  • Familiarizing participants with the elements of wellbeing in relation to the individual
  • Encouraging participants to critically reflect on their own wellbeing
  • Presentation of good wellbeing practices
  • Operational preparation of a wellbeing check list
  • Planning the implementation of wellbeing principles
  • How to create and use existing science-based knowledge – learning from own experience and inspiring practices?
  • Why is it worth developing professionally?
  • How do you understand a professional career? How can you complete your career – working for the society, local community, through volunteering?
  • How to build self-motivation?